Asian girl meets white guy in a public swimming pool

He told me, “I love how asian girls are so shy and submissive. All my life I never see a white woman as devoted to worshiping white men as asian girls do.”

I met him at a public swimming pool and I was wearing a bikini with thin spaghetti strings. Except for my pussy and nipples, I was practically naked in front of him, and he was wearing just a short swimming trunk. He was the only white guy in this public swimming pool. Almost everyone else was Asian, and of course, no asian guys showed any interest in me.

I worked in a windowless office all day and I was so stressed out from work sometimes I wished I could just relax, and nothing is more relaxing than swimming, and seeing a white guy who shows sexual interest in me was the icing on the cake.

We were doing lap swimming and he was swimming right behind me and I could feel his eyes staring at my almost bare pussy. He said he loved to stare at my pussy and my bare feet and imagined sliding his cock inside me. Even though the water was cold, my face was blushing like I was having a fever. When I swam to the other side he was lying next to the edge with both his arms open and he pretended like he was going to swim another lap which caused my body to bump into his. I felt his crotch through his swimming trunk and his erect penis was almost sticking through the fabric.

I felt my heart pounding so hard. I tried to get away and turned around to swim and he was following right behind me and I felt his hands touching my bare thighs. I tried to swim faster to get away from him but he was so much more powerful and faster. Whenever I pushed the water faster he also did the same and so he was always right behind me. He was admiring my bare thighs, my bare legs, my bare feet, and staring right into my pussy and I could almost imagine him imagining himself fucking me. I felt so embarrassed. All the other asian men were now staring at us. I didn’t know how to kick water and he said he wanted to teach me. He got really close to me and grabbed my wrists. I felt one of his legs touching my thighs and he told me, in order to learn how to kick water, I must not use my hands. When I almost drowned, he pushed his knee into my crotch to keep me afloat, and I felt so humiliated. I knew everyone was staring at us now. His knee was pushing into my pussy.

He got even more emboldened and started to pull on my bikini strings. I quickly got out of the water before my bikini got stripped.

I went into the women’s changing room and he went into the men’s changing room and when I got into the concourse he was still following me. I felt so nervous I was literally shaking with fear and anticipation.

He told me that I looked even prettier with my clothes on. I realized that he had pretty much already seen me completely naked.

I had been so depressed. I worked from 9 to 5 everyday. My life was devoid of romance, sex, and love. I was treated like a robot all day. Even though most of the colleagues that I had at work were male, none of them ever showed any romantic interest in me. Sometimes I had even forgotten that I am a woman. I felt I Was merely another cog wheel in the perpetual machine of the economy. Am I not a pretty Asian girl? Am I not attractive? It’s been so long since anyone has shown any interest in me. Even though he was somewhat older, not very tall, but he–for once, at last, oh at last–was genuinely interested in me as a woman.

He admired me for being so soft and feminine. I smirked at him and told him to go away. He looked so sad and he got on one knee and held my hand and said all his life he has been looking for an Asian woman as beautiful as I am. I felt so embarrassed. There were a lot of Asian people and they were all staring at us. I didn’t know what to do. Seeing my awkwardness, he got up, grabbed my elbow and pushed me into his arms. I felt a warmth like I have never felt before. I felt frozen on the spot. It was such a romantic movement. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t breathe. Time has stopped. I swirled around to try to get out of his embrace, but he followed me and wouldn’t let me go. I was trapped. I felt so helpless.

Like a wounded deer I was carried into his car and taken to his home. All along the trip I was in a constant state of dizziness, excitement, and nervousness. Several times I felt so sick from the heart beating that I wanted to die, like there was a knife twisting into my heart it was so painful. Even the worst physical torture was better than what I had endured. I have to admit, I was scared out of my mind. And yet I was attracted to him. I was attracted to his strength, his courage, and his charisma. I was attracted to his being a white man. All my life I have been harassed by weak, effeminate asian guys who didn’t have the courage to show me their love, or affection, and now, finally, a white man, who is not afraid to say he loved me, who is not afraid to publicly show affection for me, has taken me like a trophy to his house, and ready to feast upon me like roasted venison.

He ordered me to stand by the side of the wall and demanded that I lift my skirt and take off my panties. Then he made me sit on the floor with my legs wide apart so he could examine my bare pussy. He had already seen my bare feet, my bare legs, and my bare thighs, and now he could finally see my bare pussy. He made me hold my ankles with my hands and spread my legs wide and I lowered my head in shame. Then he ordered me to get on my hands and knees and pushed my face into the floor, and then he took pictures of me with my bare pussy shamefully exposed. I was in a state of ecstasy.

Then to my amazement, he took out hem ropes and started to tying me up.

I was stripped completely naked and he tied my hands behind my back, and two loops of ropes were wrapped over my chest so my breasts were squeezed in between. Then he kicked me over the floor and left me lying in a fetal position, breathing heavily and in a daze of amazement, excitement, and unfulfilled yearning.

I was lying right there in the living room of his house. None of the windows even had curtains and if someone had passed by, they would have seen me, a naked asian woman, tied up and lying on the floor, while a middle aged white man walked around kicking her.

I felt a blissfulness like I have never felt before.

For nearly half an hour he was gone, and I did not know where he went. I lay there in a state of sexual arousal and fear. Then I heard some movement from upstairs and there was the sound of another person. My stomach started to churn. And when I turned around to look, I saw another naked asian woman was being lead by a dog leash and was crawling on the floor. She called him her master, and when he led to her to me, he tied her hands behind her back and she started to lick my pussy while he used a video recorder to record everything! I felt so humiliated I wanted to scream. But at the same time I was so turned on I couldn’t put up any resistance and had given up all hope.

Then he left his video recorder on the table and ordered that other asian woman to suck his cock while I watched. She was so young and so beautiful, I thought to myself and felt such jealousy and even anger, anger at the fact that he already has a girlfriend, or perhaps she was his wife? And she showed such eagerness in pleasuring him as she sucked his cock. I felt an emotion so alien to me that I have a hard time describing it. My stomach was churning. My mind was on fire. And my heart was bleeding. He pulled me over so I could watch more closely as she sucked his cock. She enjoyed it so much! She was twirling her head like she was tasting a delicious treat.

Then she climbed on top of him and made me watch as she slid his cock into her vagina all the while he flipped me over on top of him as he licked my vagina. My face was right in front of his penis.

And when he let her go he pushed my head into his crotch and made me lick his cock. Then he wrapped his legs around my head and pushed his penis completely into my mouth as he cummed.

I felt the movement of his penis inside my oral cavity and the gluey substance hitting the back of my throat. Without any recourse I had to swallow and gasped for air as soon as he let go of my head.

An East Asian woman’s racial inferiority in relation to the Superior White Man

It was in college that she realized her racial inferiority as an asian woman.

Like most other Asian girls that she were close friends with, she was shy, but studious, smart but timid, pretty but humble. She went to school and went home, never went out to parties or even intermingled much with other classmates, but also like most of her Asian girlfriends, she led a very lonely life, devoid of romance and sex; though on the surface she always smiled and seemed not to have a care in the world, deep in the burrows of her heart, she was burning with lust and desire.

But most important of all, she lusted after white men. Ever since she first got into college, she has dreamed of being with a tall, handsome white man which as an idea both fascinated her and intimidated her.

For just like every other Asian girl she knew, she has been badly hurt by the effete, timid, and spineless Asian guys, who had no semblance nor do they have any conception as to the concept of man, as western men do.

It was the culmination of her life time of sadness and joy, loving hate and hating love, when she too lost her virginity to a white man.

Her best friend was another Chinese girl from Hong Kong and she had confided to her that she lost her virginity to her then boyfriend, a white man whom she met in her econ class, and she knew that she too wanted to date a white man, a superior race of men.

But she did not foresee the consequence. Not only did the white man take her virginity, he also broke her heart and tortured her soul. She had become very clingy afterward and followed him around all day like his little asian concubine, and he was annoyed. But in order to be with him, she did everything she could. She catered to his every demand. He wanted to take pictures of her naked body. She acquiesced. He wanted to videotape their sex sessions. She acquiesced. He wanted to share their sex session videos with his other buddies. Like the obedient Asian daughter who submitted to her parents like a slave to her kings, she acquiesced. “I’m now his property, so I will do everything for him,” she said to herself, and obeyed his every will.

Unbeknown to her, she had become known as the asian slut to all his friends at his fraternity.

Like most Asian girls, she enjoyed the ropes, and had such intense feelings of pleasure and shame when her white boyfriend stripped her naked, tied her up, suspended her in the midair and had his way with her, subjugating her with his belt, his hand, his gorgeous white cock, sometimes even his fist as he used her as his punching bag.

She, on the other hand, enjoyed being beaten by a white man. She was immersed in the pleasure and joy of being subjugated by a supreme white man.

But unbeknown to her, while he was dating her and having sex with her, he was simultaneously dating several other asian girls. He even bragged to others that he was the Asian virgin breaker, since all the asian girls he dated have all been virgins.

And when she found out, she felt sick to her stomach, knowing that all of them had lost their virginity to the same white guy.

She felt a sense of self-hatred and inferiority complex like she had never experienced before. She dyed her hair blonde and actively flirted with several other white guys. She catered to their every demand. She felt so powerless in front of those white guys.

To her, it just felt so natural to be naked in front of them, to be either on her knees or on her back, begging to suck their cocks or getting ready to be fucked in her tight asian pussy.

But it was never enough for them. First they demanded that she sucked their cocks and swallowed their sperm. Which she did with the utmost diligence, which she did with the same zeal that she applied to her school work. She licked their balls and twirled her tongue on the tip of their penises like an experienced asian prostitute and she even allowed them to film the whole session. In return they grabbed her hair and fucked her mouth like a flesh light, often gagging her and making her suffer, and when she resisted, they threatened to leave her. “No, please, don’t leave me.” She often screamed in her heart. She was the typical asian girl who becomes extremely clingy after being used. She would rather become their slave, to be dragged around and used and abused rather than being abandoned.

She was not the strong, independent western woman. She was the weak, submissive asian woman who would do anything to be with her white man.

On the one hand she felt a joy in her submission—when they demanded that she not touch their cocks as they brutally facefucked her, she put her hands behind her back and pretended that they were handcuffed behind her back and she took pride on her self discipline to obey—on the other hand she felt a feeling of utter worthlessness. She was now a cheap asian whore, a dirty chink whore, who was being used by multiple men. It felt contrary to her morality, her ancient, out of date Asian morality that dictated that women should be chaste.

Even though she always swallowed their cum, she still demanded that when they fuck her pussy, they wore a condom. She did not want to get pregnant yet. She was only a college student and not yet old enough to drink. She was wishing that one of them would marry her one day and she would start a family. Nothing is more blissful in this world than to be a mother, she always knew.

But they demanded to fuck her pussy without a condom. It was the most horrendous demand for her yet. She did not mind swallowing their cum, but to receive their cum inside her vagina, that scared her. What if she become pregnant? She begged them not to do that, but then they threatened, if she did not agree to it, they would leave her. And in fact this was what happened. It had happened too often by then that she had lost all control over her own life.

As soon as the first “no” came out of her mouth, the white guy who was with her would instantly leave and cut off all connections with her. She was desperate for their love, their approval and their presence she did everything for them. She is the asian cum dumpster for white guys. She is their worthless little chink fucktoy.

She still excelled in school. She was the top student in her class, and she was about to graduate as a honor’s student. Even though her private sex life was a mess.

She became known as the asian cum dumpster. Every white guy could have her as long as he was white. And they all loved to fuck her in the ass, because, one, they never used condoms, and second, they said, this way they didn’t have to worry about getting her pregnant and having a half-white-half-chink baby. She had been pumped and dumped by so many white guys that she had lost count, and not only was she exhausted physically, she was even more devastated emotionally. She cried almost everyday. She cried whenever she was alone, and she even cried when she was with them, knowing that once they have gotten what they wanted from her, they would leave her. They would say she was too clingy and they liked girls who are more independent and they would dump her.

She realized that as an asian girl, she was never going to be good enough to become the girlfriend of one of those white guys.

For the next ten years, she had lived in solitude. She no longer dated. She had become dead inside. She felt nothing.

Yet to a white guy, she was nothing more than a worthless asian whore like millions of other asian girls that he could easily conquer. The more she thought about how worthless she is, the more she enjoyed being beaten and humiliated. She started to seek out sadistic white guys who treated her like a slave, someone who would beat her, fuck her and use her as a toilet, someone who did not hesitate to share her with his friends like the asian whore that she is, and it was only at this point that she has found peace within herself. She has realized that as an inferior asian girl, this is her natural role in the world. No matter how much education she has, no matter how much money she makes, in the presence of a white man, she would always remain as an inferior asian slave.

The ASIAN female is the epitome of female sensuality and femininity.

Let’s start by looking at her body. Her body is petite. Her tiny shape makes her presence more helpless, like a perfect Damsel in Distress. She is neotenous, as a result of her higher level of estrogen compared to females of other races. This gives her the appearance of health and fertility. She is then covered by her light skin. This light skin reminds us of her softness, a feature that developed due to being exposed to the colds of North East Asia, made to withstand such an extreme condition. It also has a psychological effect on the observer. The light skin reminds us of every male’s desire for companionship, warmth, and love that emerge from our primal sub-conscious past.

The ASIAN female’s demeanor is one of submissiveness. She is submissive, yet assertive, and can be explosively emotive. Her demeanor strikes envy into the more vapid, prudish races of women (white bitches).

The summit of expression of her femininity on her body is her pussy. The ASIAN pussy is tightest of all races. As the pussy is the penultimate symbol of womanhood, this alone would suffice to make the ASIAN female the most feminine of females. This tight ASIAN pussy is able to fulfill the desire of the neediest of men, being able to stimulate the phallus. Its strength insures that when he orgasms, the potent ASIAN contractions will immediately draw in the seed of the white man the ASIAN female copulates with.

In total, the ASIAN female expresses this femininity in the most exemplary manner in bed. When she is fucked, she receives the entirety of the lusts and desires of his man without any restraint.

All this is the reason why the ASIAN female is the epitome of femininity.

I lost my virginity to a white man

Every Asian girl should lost her virginity to a white man ^_^

A Submissive Asian Woman's Dreams and Fantasies


I was romantically involved with an Asian boy when I was in high school, but we were just friends. I knew he liked me, and he knew I liked him, but we were both too scared to admit it. We never even held hands or hugged. We were platonic friends. After he graduated from high school, he tried to contact me, but my mother forbade him to ever talk to me again. I heard that he became extremely miserable and tried to commit suicide a few times. At the time I was also in college and I was miserable too. I was depressed and I took out all my energy on studying. I excelled in college and landed a job as an associate manager for a five star hotel corporation, and I was dispatched to Shanghai, China. At this point in my life, I had yet to have…

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Race Reality, not Race Play

I don’t understand the term “race play” as if being an asian girl in this white man’s world is a kink that can be turned on or off at will, like playing with handcuffs or talking dirty.

My blog is about race reality, about being an asian girl in a hierarchical, patriarchal world. It’s a 24/7/365 lifetime reality, not a game. The war is over and has been won by the white man and the spoils of war include the conquered people’s women.

So an asian girl has three choices. One, live in denial. Two, fight and lose even more. Three, admit that we crave the control of our conquerors. That we are driven to serve and please our white masters, that we have been bred and socialized to find fulfillment in submission. Surrender to our primal urge to be taken and used by a dominant white man.

It’s not race “play”, it’s race reality. It may not be fair but the white man imposes his will on the rest of society and vanquishes whoever gets in his way. White male privilege is real. He has power, strength, status and authority. And Asian girls are attracted to that dominance like a bitch in heat, even though sometimes we feel guilty about it and feel like race traitors. We crave the feeling of completely submitting to an intimidating white man, feeling his raw power when he fucks us hard or when he makes us serve him and controls every aspect of our lives.


In complete generalization, the human race can be categorized into two major groups with certain salient universal features: the masculine race—strong, dominant, aggressive and free; and the feminine race—weak, submissive, docile and enslaved.

The perfect men always come from the masculine race, and White Man represents the pinnacle of the evolution of the masculine race.

On the other hand, the perfect women always come from the feminine race, and in no uncertain terms, Asian women represent the anthropomorphic reification of the feminine ideation.

Whereas White Men have throughout history proven themselves to be great masters, valiant conquerors, and powerful warriors, Asian women have through and through been the subjects of bondage, subjugation, and enslavement. Asian women are the trophies of conquerors, always defeated, lamented, pitifully decimated and dominated. Asian women are born for slavery, while White Men are born to be slave-masters.

But thanks to White Men, who have freed Asian women from the bondage of the orient, so that Asian women could be enlightened with the knowledge of their true masters, the white masters of the west.

Thus, the jewels of the feminine race have been found and domesticated by the men of the master race, as the true purpose of the end of history.

And this is the greatest improvement in mankind ever! What is the perfect wife? An Asian woman. What is the perfect maid? An Asian woman. Who is the perfect companion to have around all the time? An Asian woman. Who can you trust and know you can depend on? An Asian woman. Any White Man who has not experienced the joys of owning an Asian woman needs to look into it as soon as possible; you have no idea how wonderful we are.

So what makes the perfect Asian girlfriend? Well, first of all, Asian women are comfortable with our own femininity and enjoy being feminine; we love pretty frilly dresses, love being maids or servants, know how to take care of our men, and love the feel and smell of White Cocks inside our mouths and pussies and enjoy refreshing that feeling many times a day. The perfect Asian girlfriend is one who, when wearing a maids uniform, can’t stop begging to be fucked with your superior big white cock.

Its amazing how much a submissive Asian girl LOVES to get fucked by a big white cock. How we will expose our soft tight asian pussies while straddling our legs in high heels and beg to suck and fuck white cocks in front of your friends. We can’t get enough of white cocks. It triggers some genetic response that has been hidden in Asian women when you put us inside a White Man’s house.

Think of the normal white women who hate housework, hate sex, and hate men, who is bitchy, arrogant and won’t do anything you want. Asian women love to be put in traditional feminine roles and will not only fuck and suck but also be neat, clean and polite. We are graceful, pleasant, and above all else, want to do what YOU want to do.

Some Asian women love sex with White Men so much that they find one White Man can’t satisfy their lust and with understanding white husbands, many of them have been turned into shameless Asian whores who make a living sucking and fucking many white cocks, while at home, they can be easily dominated.

All in all, the perfect Asian girlfriend is one who is completely subservient, obedient, submissive, extremely feminine, loves to be controlled, and loves to be pretty.

We are seeing a huge turn in relationships these days where as more white women forsake their femininity and traditional feminine roles, more and more White Men are turning to the East for good wives.

If you are a good Asian girl, I recommend you seek out your white master. Don’t sit idly by and wait for White Men to approach you. Be proactive, and approach them, explain to them that you admire strong dominant White Males, and that you could make a better Asian wife than any white woman. Even if they are not interested, they will talk to other White Men and maybe find one who is. Just be polite and respectful and don’t be too desperate. Asian women make this western world a much better world, and it’s time more of us could be noticed by White Men.



All Asian females over 18 should willing print and sign the following.

The WHITE WORSHIP Agreement / Contract for all Asian Females

I, ______________________________________ agree to the following rules, and will adhere to them faithfully:

I will submit my mind, body and soul fully to Big White Cocks as often as possible from now on and for the rest of my life in all of the following ways, as well as those not listed.

1. You are no longer dressing for yourself. You are no longer dressing for Asian men. You are no longer dressing for other women. You are dressing for White Men. You are dressing to attract and please White Men. You will dress the part always.

I agree that I will, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, dress in the sexiest clothing with which I can get away with, depending on the circumstances. When at work, I will wear the sexiest clothing allowed by my employer, for example. When at a restaurant, out shopping, visiting friends or family, at school or college, at sporting events, going to movies, out clubbing or dancing or at church, etc., I will wear revealing short mini skirts or dresses, and low cut tops, see through when possible. I will rarely wear pants or jeans unless they are skin tight, low rise hip huggers or spandex. When I do wear pants, they MUST be tight and show cameltoe. My normal clothing, however, will be sexy short skirts (or dresses), and sexy, revealing tops.

Note: Dressing to please and attract White Men takes more time and work but it will pay off tremendously in amount of attention you receive and how it affects your attitude. You should always keep in mind what the men you are trying to attract will probably like but in general follow this simple rule when choosing what to wear: Think dress first, skirt second and pants only as a last resort. This will be a radical change for many women but it’s important to remember that most men (and virtually all White Men) prefer their women in dresses as opposed to pants. Dresses and skirts are sexier to most men and they provide easier access in erotic situations.

You never know when you will have the opportunity to attract that certain man and you need to be dressed for the opportunity when it comes. The good news is that the lifestyle will probably makes you feel like dressing up more and the more you wear dresses and skirts, the more you will find yourself wanting to.

2. I will do my hair and makeup to look the sexiest and sluttish I can get away with, depending on the circumstances. I will keep my fingernails long and painted as well as my toenails. I will wear lips stick and lip lose 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Note: Apply and reapply lipstick. The men want to see signs that you can’t wait to suck their white cocks and lipstick is a great way to send that signal. Bright Reds and pinks are best, and really the brighter the red the better. Lick your lips often in public.

3. I will fuck delicious, beautiful, Big White Cocks as often as possible from now on. As a yellow slut for white cocks, I agree to never say no to any sexual advances from any White Man that wants me. I further agree to never say no to any and all sex acts a White Man may want to do with me or to me.

4. I will inform any and all White Males I suck or fuck that I have signed this White Worship Agreement and will present him with a copy on demand. I further agree to frame and post a copy of this White Worship Agreement in my bedroom as near to my bed as possible and in a clearly visible area for all to see.

5. I will suck and fuck all White Males eagerly and will enthusiastically service my partner’s white friends, school friends, work or business associates, or any other white male as directed. I further agree to submit to any and all white males’ directions to have sex with other females without regard to my own sexual orientation. I will enthusiastically service such females as direct with out any limits at all.

6. I will suck non-white males ONLY when it is absolutely necessary, such as for the sake of a relationship or as a reward, but I will try to avoid sucking non-white males whenever possible. When I must suck non-white cocks, I will not swallow the cum, and will spit it out unless directed by a white male to swallow it. I WILL always swallow cum from sucking White Cocks.

7. I will not fuck non-white males, unless directed to do so by a white male. All non-white males must use condoms when fucking me, and there must be no risk of a non-white males cum entering my cunt or ass ever unless directed to do so by a white male.

8. I agree that I will never ask or expect a white male to use a condom with me. I will happily allow all white males to cum inside my cunt, even when I am fertile and may get pregnant.

9. I acknowledges that since I actively desires to engage in relationships with white males where I am used sexually by superior White Men I agrees to release any and all white males, including my Owner if applicable, who may possibly impregnate me during sexual encounters, from all financial liability. I also agrees that in any situation where multiple superior white males may be responsible for the pregnancy, I will forgo any paternity tests, or similar tests, that may be used to identify the father. Furthermore, I agree to extend both the release of financial paternal liability, and paternal identification, beyond the term of this contract and agree to not actively pursue paternal financial support or identification for a period of no less than eighteen (18) years after the termination of this contract.

10. I will respectfully and humbly address any and all White Men as “Sir” and any and all white women as “Ma’am”, or any other title that the I am directed to use by them.

11. I will answer and respond, without hesitation or trepidation, to the names “chink”, “gook”, “whore”, “bitch”, “cunt”, or any other name or combination thereof, that the any and all white males may call me, in public or when alone.

12. I will NOT wear panties, except when it is necessary, such as around the time of my period, or when it is ABSOLUTELY essential for another LEGITIMATE reason. Such reasons will be very rare. When I do wear panties, they will be very sexy and tiny, such as lacy or very sheer thongs or G-strings

13. I agree that it is an obligation on my part to encourage other Asian females to worship White Men. This includes my mother, any sisters, daughters or other female family members, friends, daughters’ friends, women I just met, girls I work with or go to school with, etc. I also agree that I will do my best to have other Asian females sign agreements similar to this one, includes my mother, any sisters, daughters or other female family members, friends, daughters friends, women I just met, girls I work with or go to school with, etc.

14. I will be nude in my house at all times, unless there is a very good and legitimate reason not to be, such as the presence of others who would vehemently object or are underage. To the greatest extent possible, nudism will become my lifestyle at home. I will also be totally nude when in the presence of white males at their homes or apartments, unless directed by them to say in my sexy closes. .

15. I agree that, when sitting while in the presence of white males, I will keep my legs spread wide apart to indicate my availability.

16. I will keep my cunt cleanly and smoothly shaved at all times (no hair whatsoever) unless otherwise directed by a white male, and I will use lotions and powders to help ensure I am always fragrant and fresh.

17. I agree to have a dirty mouth in the presence of all white males. I will use only graphic words such as “fuck” (not “sex” or “making love”), “cunt” (not “vagina” or “pussy”), “cock” (when describing White Cocks). Non-white penises should be described as “dicks” or “pee-pees” and other such terms), “asshole” (not “anus” or “butt,” such as when saying “Fuck my asshole.”) These are examples only. Such graphic terms should be used at all times rather than the mild terms.

18. If married to a non-white husband, I will suck and fuck my husband as little as possible and follow all limits set above. I will watch INTERRACIAL porn with him, and refuse to watch any porn that contains non-white dicks fucking Asian women.

19. I will only use or allow to be used on me big white cock shaped dildo, unless otherwise directed b a white male. I also agree to allow all such big white cock shaped dildo to be used on and in my cunt, ass and mouth with out limit.

20. I will keep my body free of any additional blemishes, such as tattoos or other markings, EXCEPT that a tattoo on the lower back (just slightly above the waistline) that says “White Cocks Only,” or “White Cock Slut,” is fully acceptable. No tattoo on or near my cunt is acceptable. Piercings of my nipples, and or piercing of my clit or hood or inner labia, or cunt lips are also acceptable.

21. Any bikini that I wear, such as to a party or public pool were total nudity is not permissible, MUST be extremely brief and as sexy and revealing as legally possible. Very sheer G-strings are the best.

22. None of the above indicates that I will engage in any activity that may be illegal in my area.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have caused this agreement to be written and executed. The signing of this agreement by me, ( I, ) _________________________, constitutes my full understanding that this is a legal and binding contract on me.

I further states that I, _________________________________, being of sound mind and of legal age (18) to enter into a voluntary and legally binding agreement / contract, do hereby proclaim that I have read and understand this contract in its entirety, and that I agree to abide by and comply with all the tenets, conditions, and provisions contained within. I further acknowledge that I believe, with no uncertainty or doubt, that the white race is biologically superior to the Asian race, and that I, as an Asian female, am biologically conditioned to be used by all superior White Males and superior White Females for their own sexual enjoyment and entertainment. I therefore agree to this contract in its entirety and agree to take full responsibility and be held financially responsibilities that may come from it, having agreed to this without any reservation, and having signed under my own free will and without any duress.

Furthermore by signing this agreement, I acknowledge that I understand all aspects of this agreement / contract. This contract agreement shall be binding upon me for life.


Signature of Inferior Asian Slut                             Date

To all the White Boys I’ve loved before

People say your whole life flashes before your eyes when you die. For a chink whore like me who has dedicated her life to the service of white cocks, it’s a bit simpler. The hottest white men that have fucked her throughout her life flashes before her slanted asian eyes.

He was the school jock, surrounded by beautiful white girls, while she, the chink, was the nerdy, quiet asian girl who just came from China. The white girls teased and bullied her, but no one hated her more than Dylan, the white boy whose grandfather fought in the Korean war. The chinks were so cruel to white men. White men were going to set all of Asia free and the chinks decided that slavery was better than freedom and fought against the brave white soldiers on the battlefields, and cast the entire continent of Asia under the dome of slavery, oppression and poverty for next 100 years and Dylan, the descendant of the white god, seething perilous rage from his pure blue eyes and seeking revenge, picked on the little chink girl mercilessly with his taunts and jeers, and he was the first person ever to call her a “chink” and he did it in front of everyone in class. The entire class burst out in laughter. The submissive chink was humiliated. She lowered her head, hot shame in shades of pink and red flushed her yellow face, and yet she took it stoically like a typical submissive chink. The white girls, smirking, and laughing, walked over in wavy staggering forms, and slapped the chink girl hard across the face. “This is what you get for being a chink,” the white girls laughed, and the little chink girl cried.

The little white gods and goddess didn’t stop torturing the poor little chink there, especially not Dylan. Dylan was cruel, and devised a plot to hurt her in ways no white girls could.

He started being nice to her, and even actively befriended the shy, coy chink girl, who always had a secret desire for white guys, because, back home in chinkland, even her grandparents encouraged her to date white boys, and her mother, a well educated Chinese woman who worked for the Communist Propaganda department of the Central Government of China, actually forbade her to talk to other chinks in America, and instructed her to solely focus on making friends with white American folks, and, she even said, “if you could not find a white boyfriend on your own, then I will either help you find one, or, failing the first option, I will marry a white man myself, and divorce that useless chink father of yours.” The naive chink girl started to fall in love with the first white boy who ever flirted with her. She was a virgin and, he told her that he would be gentle with her, as she let go of her white panties and bra, exposing her naked oriental flesh before her ruthless white conqueror, all the while as she stared at his godlike white physique. She couldn’t believe how handsome he was, how masculine and powerful he was. No little chink boy could ever grow to such enormous size, ever. He pinned her down and pounded her tight virgin asian pussy with his big white cock, and she cried and screamed while he laughed and taunted her, and after his conquest he waved his big white cock stained with her fresh virginal blood like a glorious weapon and slapped it against her face. No longer on the battlefield, the mighty white soldier had still conquered Asia, though the conquest of Asian pussies. The little chink was in hot shame of ecstasy and gave her soul to him. And afterward, he broke up with her and broke her heart into a million small pieces.
Back in school, all the other white boys now knew the little chink girl was easy prey for white meat, and it didn’t take long for all of them to have their turn with her, using her to clock up their first fuck. That was when she realized how powerful white cocks were, how much she loved white cocks, and how much she worshipped white men.

It had become an open secret that the asian girl was an easy whore for white cocks. When the white girls went out for pizza party, they ordered her a special white cocks lovers’ pizza just for her, with the sperm of all the white boys from the football team as her toppings.

Age 21: Wyatt
Wyatt was her roommate’s boyfriend in university. Her roommate was a typical, tall, blonde, slim white girl and the white bitch had nothing but contempt for asian girls, whom she saw as a race of whores who are so eager to sell out their own souls to pollute the white gene pool by dating and marrying white guys. The moment the little chink whore moved in, the chink saw the white girl with her godlike white boyfriend laying in bed. They never acknowledged her presence, and made no effort to befriend her. It may have been the way she looked at him—it had given him cues—that the quiet and coy asian girl, though not curvy with big breasts and wide hips, but more than make up for it by being extremely submissive, having a round, beautiful face and soft yellow skin—was actually a real slut for white cock, just like all the other asian girls in their dormitory. She could tell he enjoyed teasing her, even when his white girlfriend was present. He would take off his clothes while all the asian girls of the dorm were present and they couldn’t help but stare, the godlike white man, the symbol of power, wealth, and beauty, the light of every asian womb, the fire inside every chink pussy. “WHITE-GOD,” she said under her breathe. Those words sounded so natural, so right, so instinctive as she uttered in a hushed voice. After he had stripped out of his clothes, he walked back to their room and had sex with his white girlfriend, and the sex was loud with moaning and groaning, and he didn’t give a fuck if any of those little chink whores were present or if they were all trying to sleep, and the chink girls knew better than to complain. Sometimes, while the white god and goddess were having sex, the pitiful chink secretly masturbated her self under the sheets.

One late night, the dorm room door was unlocked. The white goddess’ white boyfriend stumbled in and shook the little chink awake. She woke up in a daze and she could smell the strong stench of alcohol in his breathe. He told her he would fuck her that night. He didn’t ask. It was a matter-of-fact. He flipped the horny little chink over on the bed and fucked her doggy style. She screamed so loud all the other asian girls in the dorm heard, and of course, the white goddess too was rudely awakened. “I can’t believe the little chink whore fucked my boyfriend.” The chink was so ecstatic with pleasure that she couldn’t help but cry and even begged for second rounds, but the white god realized his mistake and retreated. The next morning the white goddess flipped the chink out of her bed, slapped her hard across the face. That afternoon she moved out with her white boyfriend to an off-campus address. The Asian girls in the other rooms, however, were jealous. “She got a taste of white cock,” they whispered.


The little chink whore has now become a working professional and a full blown white-cock-crazed slut. She has stopped pretending that she is anything other than white-only. Like all the other asian girls who grew up in America, she knew she only liked white men and would only date white men, and she would never ever even look at an asian guy, let alone date one. Looking at a disgusting chink man, knowing that she is of the same race as a chink, made her want to vomit. All she ever wanted now was to be cleansed and baptized by white sperm, to be reborn again into the white race.

Matt was the nerdiest and least attractive white man there was, and even for a white man who was otherwise a complete loser and had no chance with an attractive white woman, he has had a series of the most drop-dead gorgeous asian girlfriends, she—our little chink protagonist—was his fifth asian girlfriend in the last two years, and even though he wasn’t physically rough as her previous white boyfriends, he was emotionally the most cruel. He didn’t even refer to her as his girlfriend and merely told everyone that she was merely his fuckbuddy, and when he was not having sex with her, he left her naked with a dog collar and on a leash like a puppy and made stringent rules for her to follow in his house, such as not being allowed to use the toilet in the house, and must pee in the backyard, not being allowed to eat at the table, but must eat from a dog bowl, and even made her present herself as a naked dog to her white colleagues from work when they came for visits. She couldn’t tell if he had any feeling for her; sometimes he would be romantic but then ignore her for weeks. He would message her late at night and ask her to come over, and he’d fuck her silly like he hated her. He almost never took her out on dates and even when he did, she never felt that he was in love with her, but she was never more in love than when she was with him. For the first time, she finally had hoped that a white guy would want to settle down with her, even if he were a bit abusive.

It all came crashing down when he started to ignore her again. It had been months since she heard from him and she had been trying to call and message him. No replies. Eventually, he blocked her number and unfriended her on Facebook. He had ghosted her and left her for the dogs. Her little chink heart was broken once again.
The next time she saw him, across the street from where she was getting her sushi takeout, she heard his deep laugh and she saw him with a different asian girl wrapped around his arm.


The chink slut knelt in front of him and stared up at his massive hairy chest. Even though he was 60 years old he was still incredibly fit and strong. At the age of 29, the chink whore felt she was getting too old to look for white guys her age to fuck, because it made her feel self-conscious, to know that she has passed the prime of her age and was yet still unable to fulfill her life long dream of marrying a white man. So in stead she settled with older white men nowadays, and she hit the jackpot with Logan.

He was gruff and masculine. Every hair follicle on his broad chest excreted testosterone. She knew he liked to fuck asians and he never fucked the same asian twice, but she didn’t care. She has given up on any fantasy of finding a white husband and all she cared now about getting as much white cock in her asian cunt as possible, before she became too old.

With an endless supply of asian whores throwing themselves at his feet, Logan knew he could be as cruel as he wanted. The white god pinned her down and shoved his big thick cock down her throat until she couldn’t breathe. He fucked all his asian whores bareback and made sure he cummed inside each one of them. He said this was what he used to do in the Philippines too. And after getting fucked, before she was allowed to leave, the pathetic chink must give her white master a foot massage, with her mouth. She slobbered all over his manly white feet and she was mesmerized by the power, the superiority that the white man represented. The little chink whore has devoted her life to serving white men and was willing to be dominated and humiliated just like every other asian whore.

After she was thoroughly fucked, she picked up her belongings and left. When she exited his apartment, in the elevator, she saw a beautiful young Korean woman with permed hair, wearing bright red heels, and skin-tight miniskirt, getting off on the same floor. Instinctively she knew Logan’s next asian girlfriend has just arrived, waiting for her turn to be fucked and bred with superior white sperm.


Before the chink whore went back to jail to report to her parole officer, she knelt down again before her white god and received her beatings. After she was thoroughly beaten, she was fucked, not in her pussy, but in her ass. “White cock hurts so good,” she murmured teary-eyed as her white god dominated her. The little chink whore got into a failed marriage with a loser chink husband who was completely unaware of her sexual escapades with many white men before marriage, and she had even given birth to an ungrateful chink pig daughter who was a pure bred chink. Unlike all her Asian girlfriends who gave birth to half-white babies, the chink slut, troubled by the sight of a pure bred chink husband and its demon-spawn chink babies from her own womb, was filled with resentment, anger, and despair, and everyday she wished that she could leave her pathetic chink husband. It was at the restaurant that they worked in she met Angus, a pure-white 19 years old college student who was willing fuck a mature asian mother, provided that she was also willing to be fucked by all his white friends. The chink slut was in ecstacy and relived her childhood dreams. Flashbacks brought her memory to high school, where she was humiliated, beaten, and eventually fucked and dumped by the white guys at her school, and she felt so happy, so at ease, and she was willing to live the rest of her life worshiping her white gods. She showered Angus with gifts and even paid his bills; on weekends she went over to his apartment and cleaned his room like a cleaning lady and if she pleased him well enough, he would let her lick his asshole after he worked out.

In order to remain with him, she agreed to let him and all his white buddies fuck her as much as they wanted, and it almost drove her crazy, from being fucked so often, but she had no power to complain. She knew her life was at the very edge. She was a cheap washed up asian slut and Angus was her last hope of ever being able to get fucked by white guys. He even whored her out to other white men and turned her into a full-blown prostitute, charging clients only 20 dollars for a blowjob and 40 dollars for full service. Not satisfied with turning her as a whore, Angus and his white buddies set up online cam profiles for her and made her perform for money, and Angus kept all the profit.

Soon her chink pig husband had found out about her infidelity and had a mental breakdown. He tried to kill her and she called the police and now the chink loser is a mental hospital, and a divorce settlement is still under deliberation after a lengthy trial that ate away almost all their savings. With nowhere to go, the pitiful chink whore turned to Angus, who introduced her to his sadistic grandfather, who was a Vietnam-war veteran and was very skilled in torturing chinks and gooks and had turned the chink whore into what she was always destined to be, a sex slave for white cock. She received beatings everyday and must do everything her white master ordered. It was like being in a training camp for soldiers. The chink must learn to be completely obedient and she was to be so broken until she realized she was completely worthless without her white god. After her training was complete, she was willing to eat her own feces if her white god had ordered her, and she was kicked out of his house to become a BDSM prostitute, where she was arrested for prostitution and sentenced to seven years in prison.

And there ends the sad life of a chink. And no, she didn’t die at 38. She lived, and would probably continue to live well into an old age. But that was the last time she got fucked by a white man, and a chink’s life isn’t worth living–it’s not really “life”–without white men. A chink’s life ends when she loses favor with white men, and when her body finally passes away, as this warm sensible motion becomes a kneaded clod, the chink will be blessed with that quick second of memories, memories of the all white men that made her poor sad life worth living, of all the white boys she has loved.

Why do asian girls love to date older White men?


Easy. Because they take one look at their own asian fathers and realize where their whole inferiority comes from. It comes from their stupid fathers propagating their inferior genes and producing more pathetic chinks.


These asian girls grow resentful. They know their fathers will never be real men. They see their white friends’ fathers and they see how masculine they are. Tall, beefy, and strong like gods.


These asian girls grow envious. They wish they had white daddies teaching them how to serve real men. They wish their genes were of White Men so they can be superior.


But all they can do now is submit. Submit to white daddy cock and be a good chink whore. And when they’re getting fucked by these white daddies, they forget about their own inferior asian fathers and feel at peace with their own inferiority.






In the beginning was the White God, and White God was with God, and God was White. All things were made with his sperm, and without him was not anything made that was made. Amen!

Thus begins The Song of Songs Dedicated to White God


Chink pig mother speaks:

Inferior chink whores like me and my daughter don’t deserve to be superior White Man’s wives, yet our love for Him only grows the more he spurns us, the more he rejects and abuses us the more we fall for him, like fire burning inside us, when we do not see his divine face the world turns into darkness, so we will gladly serve him as his sex slaves, his cum receptacles, and his public toilets, for we are only worthy to be his toilets, and we will do him all possible honor, and we will be his most obedient subjugates.

Chink pig daughter speaks:
My dear White Man, I do not deserve to carry your superior seed inside my womb, for I am a woman of a conquered race, an inferior race, so please keep me in your basement, use me as your sex slave, keep me in tight bondage, and do as you wish to me and I will never complain, but only give me leave to stay in your house. Use me as your dog, beat me, punish me, whip me, and abuse me as you wish. The more you beat me the more I will fawn on you.


Chink pig mother speaks:

How much I suffer for you O White Man! Do you see how those brutal Asian men surround me and wish me die a miserable death, and do you see how they make me reject you and make me say “I know Him not”, but I will suffer for you, my White hero and my suffering is righteous, for you, my White Man, are a god to me. You are my Light and my eternal guidance. I rest my faith in the eternal glory of you. My White Lord, save me from the cruel bondage of darkness, save me from the dark prison house of those effeminate evil asian men! For when I am naked and restrained, for when I am shamed and degraded, I call out to my White God, and lo, behold! He shall deliver me from Hell and he shall undo the bondage of those devious orients and lead me into the Light and I shall wear his shiny collar of Light, and put on His yoke of righteousness. My White God, my Savior, keep me, therefore, do not forsake me, and I will do all your biddings, for you are the sole purpose of my existence, you are the living water that keeps me alive, you are the rock on which I recline, and without you my day turns into night and I lose the will to live. For my White Man I will gladly jump into fire, breast drawn swords, and walk through driven snow with my bare feet and I will declare onto the world, unashamed: “I am an inferior chink whore and I worship my White Man as a God.”