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Shandong University in China offers foreign male students “Chinese female companion” sponsorship.

A former Shandong University student, Nancy Li, a petite, soft-mannered Chinese girl in her early twenties, who is now working as an accountant for a Fortune 500 company, recounts of being assigned to a foreign male classmate as his “female companion” when she was a freshman in college.

In order to receive state sponsored scholarship, Nancy had to sign a contract with Shandong University agreeing to participate in the “female companion” sponsorship.

Not everyone was selected to be in the sponsorship, according to Nancy, the females must be “attractive, white-skinned, and gentle mannered.”

Every foreign male student is assigned three Chinese female student companions who accompany the foreign student to class, lunch and dinner, collegiate events, extracurricular programs and parties, and even sleepover in all male-dormitories.

“We must give in to the demands of those foreign students and if they complain to the University that the female companions are not cooperative, we would lose our scholarship and might even be expelled. Many were coerced into having sex with those foreign students. I have witnessed first hand, a foreign student beating a female companion for refusing his sexual advance.”

Though not explicitly stated in the sponsorship, sex between foreign male students and Chinese female companions is so commonplace that, “every night, we could hear those Chinese girls moaning in the foreign students’ dormitory,” said a former Shandong University student who wished to remain anonymous.

Almost all female companions were virgins, most not only having had zero sexual experience with the opposite sex, but even zero romantic relationship prior to their entrance to the female sponsorship program. Many suffered not only psychological trauma but also physical assault in addition to frequent sexual abuse.

“One time we were all invited to attend a party for foreign students. They forced us to drink a lot of alcohol. When one of the female companions refused, she was slapped really hard across her face. Another tried to intervene, but the guy grabbed her hair and dragged her across the floor. We were all really scared. If we leave, they threatened to complain, and we would all be disciplined by the University,” Nancy said.

Shandong University has a zero tolerance policy against Chinese students who are disrespectful to foreign students. Any Chinese student who express resentment of foreign students will be disciplined up to and including expulsion from the University.

“When they got really drunk, they started to tear at our clothes and fondle our breasts. If we tried to resist, they would hit us. They slapped and twisted my nipples until I was in tears. The party continued until midnight and some [female companions] were so drunk that they had passed out. None of us were allowed to leave until we have all had sex with at least one foreign student.”

In order to encourage more foreign internationals to come to China, and to brand China as a welcoming home for those foreigners, sex between local Chinese women and foreign men is not only tacitly condoned, but openly and actively encouraged, as Chinese national TV frequently showcase beautiful Chinese women being involved in sexual and romantic relationships with foreign men.

“Three of us [female companions] were pushed on the bottom row of their bunker beds, and they took turns having sex with us. None of them used a condom. We felt violated, and wanted to report the incident to the police, but if we did that, the University would have expelled all of us.”

Foreigners in China enjoy special treatment and are often seen behaving above the law. However, alleged accusations of rape committed by foreigners are rare, since most victims are willing participants, or too embarrassed to report the incidents due to a Confucian culture of shame and honor. In the unlikely case that rape is reported, local Chinese police are often hesitant to investigate.

“In order to not make a scene, all of us took morning after pills. There was one really unfortunate girl who didn’t. She was forced to have an abortion, by the University, and it became a campus-wide scandal.”

Looking back at her own experience, though resentful, Nancy also felt happy. “It gave me experience with foreign men, and helped me grow as a person. I’m now married to a white American man and my experience as a female companion to foreign men definitely helped to understand foreign culture better.”

In a survey, most female graduates of Shandong University prefer foreign men as lovers, sex partners, or husbands to local Chinese men. Alumnae to one of the most prestigious universities in China, many went on not only to become highly successful career-women, but also caring housewives to successful foreign men.







A Brief List of Romance Novels involving Asian Females and White Males

We all know Amy Tan’s Joy Luck Club, or Amy Chua’s Tiger Mom, or Irs Chang’s Romantic Rape of Nanking, all of which involved the salacious sexual affairs of a submissive, demure, oriental woman and a dominant, ruthless White Man, but did you know that there is a whole subgenre of romance literature out there featuring White Man and Asian woman and nearly ALL of them are written by Asian women! And their readership is entirely targeted at other Asian women!

So here is a brief list and brief description of the top suggestions:

Shanghai Baby by Wei Hui
The semi-autobiographical novel of a Shanghai girl having lewd sexual affairs with a German businessman who has a penchant for S/M.

A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary For Lovers by Xiaolu Guo
The semi-autobiographical novel of a Chinese woman who arrives in London on student visa and decides to write a dictionary when she moves in with her English boyfriend.

The Bride Test by Helen Hoang
The story of an autistic White Man who goes to Vietnam to buy an Asian bride and is feverishly pursued by a beautiful Vietnamese girl who, at the start of the novel, was scrubbing toilets for western tourists and wiping away her tears of sorrow and then is introduced to some S/M by the autistic White Man.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han
The semi-autobiographical novel of an Asian girl who writes lengthy love letters to the white boys she has crushes on in school.

Trade Me by Courtney Milan
The story about a certain Tina Chen and some sexy white billionaire who enjoys S/M, a sort of Fifty Shades of Grey but for Asian women

The Night Tiger by Yangtze Choo
Some fantastical historical story set in the 1930s about a white guy and a Malay-Chinese woman

The Quiet American by Graham Greene
Narrated in the first person by journalist Thomas Fowler, the novel depicts the breakdown of French colonialism in Vietnam and early American involvement in the Vietnam War. A subplot concerns a love triangle between Fowler, an American CIA agent named Alden Pyle, and Phuong, a young Vietnamese woman.

Loveboat Taipei by Abigail Hing Wen
The story about some 18 year oid Chinese slut who sneaks around her parents to meet with white boys

And of course, let’s never forget our very own,

My Sexual Submission to White Power by Claire Liu
The story of my sexy Chinese mother who divorced her little chink husband to become the sex slave of a white man and his pure white son. (#^_^#)

There are MORE out there. If you know any, please let me know so I can add to my reading list!

Fact: Every Asian girl that posts on r/AsiansGoneWild is fucking a white guy

I don’t even understand why what I am saying is so controversial in this day and age. You see Asian girls with white men around every street corner. You see Asian girls with white men in movies, on TV, in commercials, in class, online, offline, on campus, off campus, in restaurants, on the elevator … everywhere. And if you are still in doubt, go to the subreddit r/AsiansGoneWild and click on any profile of the hundreds of thousands of verified Asian females. If she has videos or pictures of herself getting fucked or sucking cock, you will invariably find out eventually that she is sucking a white cock. Not always easy to tell because their skin color sometimes does tend to look the same. And some of those white guys have pretty small dicks, but still, this is the truth. Asian girls love white guys. Asian girls belong to white guys. This is the fact. Asian girls and white men belong together!

Trump to launch Nuclear Strike against China to contain the Spread of Chinese virus. World War III officially starts.

Washington D.C. April 4th, 12:30 PM Trump officially declares war on China for the spread of Chinese virus. The Pentagon launches tactical nuclear strike on targets in Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, and Guangzhou. Population in Shanghai: 24 million. Population in Beijing: 20 million. Population in Chongqing: 30 million. Population in Guangzhou: 44 million.

All Asian Americans living in America must immediately report to internment camps. Marshall law declared across all 50 states.

All women of East Asian ethnicity (Japanese, Chinese, Korean) between the age of 18 to 35 are to report to local checkpoints to be enlisted in the US military as sex slaves for American soldiers. All men of East Asian ethnicity between the age of 18 to 35 are to report to internment reporting locations within the next 48 hours to be castrated and put on female hormone therapy.

All other populace of East Asian ethnicity will be sent to internment camps located at secret locations in Alaska.

Brussels April 4th, 1:30 PM. European Union officially joins the United States in the combat of Chinese virus and launches nuclear strike against China, Japan and Korea. Target cities: Tokyo, Seoul, Harbin, Shenyang.

London April 4th. 2:00 PM Great Britain joins the United States in the combat of Chinese virus and sends nuclear submarines to the Pacific Ocean to officially occupy Taiwan, currently the only country in East Asia not contaminated by Chinese virus.

Moscow April 4th 3:00 PM. Russia declares war on Chinese virus and launches tactical nuclear strike on China, Japan and Korea.

Osaka April 4th 5:00 PM Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe at Osaka Conference of the Axis of East Asia officially surrenders to China, declares all of Japan has been contaminated by Chinese virus.

World War III officially starts.

中国女孩嫁给老外,每天晚上花样百出,被干到死去活来。Chinese girl marries American man, every night being fucked to multiple orgasms

translated from Chinese


My Chinese girlfriends have told me that western men tend to have very high sexual stamina, and I found out the truth of that rumor when I got married to an American man. The first night of our marriage he fucked me all night long I felt like I was on the verge of death. His penis is so big, several times I had passed out from the pain of his penetration. The next morning I felt a dull throbbing pain in my lower body. I couldn’t even sit properly anymore.


Many Chinese women who marry western men will experience this. They will be unable to bear the pain of western men’s sexual penetration due to biological differences. Chinese women have smaller vagina to accommodate small Chinese penises, and western men have much bigger penises compared to Chinese men.

People in China say I marry an American man because I worship western men, and now my Chinese vagina has been destroyed by their big western dicks.




一个喜欢被老外干屁眼的中国女孩。(A Chinese girl who enjoys anal sex with foreigners.)

老外男友教我的那些事。(Stuffs my foreign boyfriend taught me.)

Translated from Chinese


以前在AV里就看过欧洲人的阳具大且长,自己以前男朋友短小精悍,虽然也高潮过,但总有点要更充满感。等到第一次老公做爱时,才知道现实多残酷,第一次竟然比破处还痛苦,流血了不少。他不仅大粗长,而且动作非常大。前戏确实很足,但B也很期待。可惜刺入充顶,我就感觉要死了。以后,还变着花样来,一会要给他口 交(深入喉咙,真要呕吐,习惯不了啊),下次要给他肛 交(菊花都爆了,次次都便秘一样),总之完全AV化的性生活,真的不是搞搞就习惯了。更为可怖的时,在例假时,他竟然也要。不知道是不是看到方舟子科学证明,例假做爱更高潮还是怎么回事,弄得看了几次妇科病。

Before meeting my current boyfriend, a white American man almost a foot taller than my previous Chinese boyfriend, I already knew from watching western pornography that white men tend to have large penises that are both long and thick in girth. As a typical asian, my Chinese ex had a small and short penis, and even though I had orgasm during sex with him, I had always wanted something bigger, to have that feeling of fullness. When I had sex with my western boyfriend for the first time, I just realized how cruel reality was. My first time with him was even more painful than losing my virginity. My vagina bled a huge amount of blood. Not only was his penis big, much bigger than what my pussy could accommodate, he was also much more powerful than my Chinese ex and often hurt me beyond what I could endure during sex. He had a variety of foreplay techniques to get me aroused, and made my pussy ache for his cock, but every time he penetrated me, he would hit me all the way in tearing me apart like a ragdoll and I felt like I was about to die. Not only that, but I also gave him blowjobs in the form of deepthroat (his cock was shoved into my throat all the way in; I felt like I was going to throw up every time, and I can never get used to the feeling.) He also wanted anal sex. My anus was completely stretched. Every time having sex with him was like killing me. All in all, my sex life has become a porn video, and I could never go back to the bland, normal sex with my Chinese ex. The most scary part is that he wants sex even when I have my period, and he says that the orgasm is more intense. I have been to a gynecologist several times since.


After marriage, I had my first kid and my husband wanted it even during my pregnancy. I was worried that the kid would be crushed underneath his weight. Several time I saw blood and he said it was normal. I went to the hospital and the doctor smiled lasciviously and said everything was okay but told me to have more anal sex instead. Two weeks after I gave birth, he asked me to have sex again. I told him no, and he called me a Chinese pig …


After my first child was born, my pussy has been stretched out of shape and he demanded more anal sex. Also because I don’t want any more kid, so we only had anal sex from then on. Initially I felt mostly just the pain and humiliation, but gradually I have started to enjoy it. I am now incapable of achieving orgasm without his cock shoved into my ass. He even registered me for a wife exchange club. Even though initially, when I was forced to have sex with different men, all of whom were westerners and had enormous penises just like my husband’s, I felt disgusted with myself; gradually I began to enjoy it, especially when I saw how happy I made my husband feel.

Asian girl meets white guy in a public swimming pool

He told me, “I love how asian girls are so shy and submissive. All my life I never see a white woman as devoted to worshiping white men as asian girls do.”

I met him at a public swimming pool and I was wearing a bikini with thin spaghetti strings. Except for my pussy and nipples, I was practically naked in front of him, and he was wearing just a short swimming trunk. He was the only white guy in this public swimming pool. Almost everyone else was Asian, and of course, no asian guys showed any interest in me.

I worked in a windowless office all day and I was so stressed out from work sometimes I wished I could just relax, and nothing is more relaxing than swimming, and seeing a white guy who shows sexual interest in me was the icing on the cake.

We were doing lap swimming and he was swimming right behind me and I could feel his eyes staring at my almost bare pussy. He said he loved to stare at my pussy and my bare feet and imagined sliding his cock inside me. Even though the water was cold, my face was blushing like I was having a fever. When I swam to the other side he was lying next to the edge with both his arms open and he pretended like he was going to swim another lap which caused my body to bump into his. I felt his crotch through his swimming trunk and his erect penis was almost sticking through the fabric.

I felt my heart pounding so hard. I tried to get away and turned around to swim and he was following right behind me and I felt his hands touching my bare thighs. I tried to swim faster to get away from him but he was so much more powerful and faster. Whenever I pushed the water faster he also did the same and so he was always right behind me. He was admiring my bare thighs, my bare legs, my bare feet, and staring right into my pussy and I could almost imagine him imagining himself fucking me. I felt so embarrassed. All the other asian men were now staring at us. I didn’t know how to kick water and he said he wanted to teach me. He got really close to me and grabbed my wrists. I felt one of his legs touching my thighs and he told me, in order to learn how to kick water, I must not use my hands. When I almost drowned, he pushed his knee into my crotch to keep me afloat, and I felt so humiliated. I knew everyone was staring at us now. His knee was pushing into my pussy.

He got even more emboldened and started to pull on my bikini strings. I quickly got out of the water before my bikini got stripped.

I went into the women’s changing room and he went into the men’s changing room and when I got into the concourse he was still following me. I felt so nervous I was literally shaking with fear and anticipation.

He told me that I looked even prettier with my clothes on. I realized that he had pretty much already seen me completely naked.

I had been so depressed. I worked from 9 to 5 everyday. My life was devoid of romance, sex, and love. I was treated like a robot all day. Even though most of the colleagues that I had at work were male, none of them ever showed any romantic interest in me. Sometimes I had even forgotten that I am a woman. I felt I Was merely another cog wheel in the perpetual machine of the economy. Am I not a pretty Asian girl? Am I not attractive? It’s been so long since anyone has shown any interest in me. Even though he was somewhat older, not very tall, but he–for once, at last, oh at last–was genuinely interested in me as a woman.

He admired me for being so soft and feminine. I smirked at him and told him to go away. He looked so sad and he got on one knee and held my hand and said all his life he has been looking for an Asian woman as beautiful as I am. I felt so embarrassed. There were a lot of Asian people and they were all staring at us. I didn’t know what to do. Seeing my awkwardness, he got up, grabbed my elbow and pushed me into his arms. I felt a warmth like I have never felt before. I felt frozen on the spot. It was such a romantic movement. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t breathe. Time has stopped. I swirled around to try to get out of his embrace, but he followed me and wouldn’t let me go. I was trapped. I felt so helpless.

Like a wounded deer I was carried into his car and taken to his home. All along the trip I was in a constant state of dizziness, excitement, and nervousness. Several times I felt so sick from the heart beating that I wanted to die, like there was a knife twisting into my heart it was so painful. Even the worst physical torture was better than what I had endured. I have to admit, I was scared out of my mind. And yet I was attracted to him. I was attracted to his strength, his courage, and his charisma. I was attracted to his being a white man. All my life I have been harassed by weak, effeminate asian guys who didn’t have the courage to show me their love, or affection, and now, finally, a white man, who is not afraid to say he loved me, who is not afraid to publicly show affection for me, has taken me like a trophy to his house, and ready to feast upon me like roasted venison.

He ordered me to stand by the side of the wall and demanded that I lift my skirt and take off my panties. Then he made me sit on the floor with my legs wide apart so he could examine my bare pussy. He had already seen my bare feet, my bare legs, and my bare thighs, and now he could finally see my bare pussy. He made me hold my ankles with my hands and spread my legs wide and I lowered my head in shame. Then he ordered me to get on my hands and knees and pushed my face into the floor, and then he took pictures of me with my bare pussy shamefully exposed. I was in a state of ecstasy.

Then to my amazement, he took out hem ropes and started to tying me up.

I was stripped completely naked and he tied my hands behind my back, and two loops of ropes were wrapped over my chest so my breasts were squeezed in between. Then he kicked me over the floor and left me lying in a fetal position, breathing heavily and in a daze of amazement, excitement, and unfulfilled yearning.

I was lying right there in the living room of his house. None of the windows even had curtains and if someone had passed by, they would have seen me, a naked asian woman, tied up and lying on the floor, while a middle aged white man walked around kicking her.

I felt a blissfulness like I have never felt before.

For nearly half an hour he was gone, and I did not know where he went. I lay there in a state of sexual arousal and fear. Then I heard some movement from upstairs and there was the sound of another person. My stomach started to churn. And when I turned around to look, I saw another naked asian woman was being lead by a dog leash and was crawling on the floor. She called him her master, and when he led to her to me, he tied her hands behind her back and she started to lick my pussy while he used a video recorder to record everything! I felt so humiliated I wanted to scream. But at the same time I was so turned on I couldn’t put up any resistance and had given up all hope.

Then he left his video recorder on the table and ordered that other asian woman to suck his cock while I watched. She was so young and so beautiful, I thought to myself and felt such jealousy and even anger, anger at the fact that he already has a girlfriend, or perhaps she was his wife? And she showed such eagerness in pleasuring him as she sucked his cock. I felt an emotion so alien to me that I have a hard time describing it. My stomach was churning. My mind was on fire. And my heart was bleeding. He pulled me over so I could watch more closely as she sucked his cock. She enjoyed it so much! She was twirling her head like she was tasting a delicious treat.

Then she climbed on top of him and made me watch as she slid his cock into her vagina all the while he flipped me over on top of him as he licked my vagina. My face was right in front of his penis.

And when he let her go he pushed my head into his crotch and made me lick his cock. Then he wrapped his legs around my head and pushed his penis completely into my mouth as he cummed.

I felt the movement of his penis inside my oral cavity and the gluey substance hitting the back of my throat. Without any recourse I had to swallow and gasped for air as soon as he let go of my head.

An East Asian woman’s racial inferiority in relation to the Superior White Man

It was in college that she realized her racial inferiority as an asian woman.

Like most other Asian girls that she were close friends with, she was shy, but studious, smart but timid, pretty but humble. She went to school and went home, never went out to parties or even intermingled much with other classmates, but also like most of her Asian girlfriends, she led a very lonely life, devoid of romance and sex; though on the surface she always smiled and seemed not to have a care in the world, deep in the burrows of her heart, she was burning with lust and desire.

But most important of all, she lusted after white men. Ever since she first got into college, she has dreamed of being with a tall, handsome white man which as an idea both fascinated her and intimidated her.

For just like every other Asian girl she knew, she has been badly hurt by the effete, timid, and spineless Asian guys, who had no semblance nor do they have any conception as to the concept of man, as western men do.

It was the culmination of her life time of sadness and joy, loving hate and hating love, when she too lost her virginity to a white man.

Her best friend was another Chinese girl from Hong Kong and she had confided to her that she lost her virginity to her then boyfriend, a white man whom she met in her econ class, and she knew that she too wanted to date a white man, a superior race of men.

But she did not foresee the consequence. Not only did the white man take her virginity, he also broke her heart and tortured her soul. She had become very clingy afterward and followed him around all day like his little asian concubine, and he was annoyed. But in order to be with him, she did everything she could. She catered to his every demand. He wanted to take pictures of her naked body. She acquiesced. He wanted to videotape their sex sessions. She acquiesced. He wanted to share their sex session videos with his other buddies. Like the obedient Asian daughter who submitted to her parents like a slave to her kings, she acquiesced. “I’m now his property, so I will do everything for him,” she said to herself, and obeyed his every will.

Unbeknown to her, she had become known as the asian slut to all his friends at his fraternity.

Like most Asian girls, she enjoyed the ropes, and had such intense feelings of pleasure and shame when her white boyfriend stripped her naked, tied her up, suspended her in the midair and had his way with her, subjugating her with his belt, his hand, his gorgeous white cock, sometimes even his fist as he used her as his punching bag.

She, on the other hand, enjoyed being beaten by a white man. She was immersed in the pleasure and joy of being subjugated by a supreme white man.

But unbeknown to her, while he was dating her and having sex with her, he was simultaneously dating several other asian girls. He even bragged to others that he was the Asian virgin breaker, since all the asian girls he dated have all been virgins.

And when she found out, she felt sick to her stomach, knowing that all of them had lost their virginity to the same white guy.

She felt a sense of self-hatred and inferiority complex like she had never experienced before. She dyed her hair blonde and actively flirted with several other white guys. She catered to their every demand. She felt so powerless in front of those white guys.

To her, it just felt so natural to be naked in front of them, to be either on her knees or on her back, begging to suck their cocks or getting ready to be fucked in her tight asian pussy.

But it was never enough for them. First they demanded that she sucked their cocks and swallowed their sperm. Which she did with the utmost diligence, which she did with the same zeal that she applied to her school work. She licked their balls and twirled her tongue on the tip of their penises like an experienced asian prostitute and she even allowed them to film the whole session. In return they grabbed her hair and fucked her mouth like a flesh light, often gagging her and making her suffer, and when she resisted, they threatened to leave her. “No, please, don’t leave me.” She often screamed in her heart. She was the typical asian girl who becomes extremely clingy after being used. She would rather become their slave, to be dragged around and used and abused rather than being abandoned.

She was not the strong, independent western woman. She was the weak, submissive asian woman who would do anything to be with her white man.

On the one hand she felt a joy in her submission—when they demanded that she not touch their cocks as they brutally facefucked her, she put her hands behind her back and pretended that they were handcuffed behind her back and she took pride on her self discipline to obey—on the other hand she felt a feeling of utter worthlessness. She was now a cheap asian whore, a dirty chink whore, who was being used by multiple men. It felt contrary to her morality, her ancient, out of date Asian morality that dictated that women should be chaste.

Even though she always swallowed their cum, she still demanded that when they fuck her pussy, they wore a condom. She did not want to get pregnant yet. She was only a college student and not yet old enough to drink. She was wishing that one of them would marry her one day and she would start a family. Nothing is more blissful in this world than to be a mother, she always knew.

But they demanded to fuck her pussy without a condom. It was the most horrendous demand for her yet. She did not mind swallowing their cum, but to receive their cum inside her vagina, that scared her. What if she become pregnant? She begged them not to do that, but then they threatened, if she did not agree to it, they would leave her. And in fact this was what happened. It had happened too often by then that she had lost all control over her own life.

As soon as the first “no” came out of her mouth, the white guy who was with her would instantly leave and cut off all connections with her. She was desperate for their love, their approval and their presence she did everything for them. She is the asian cum dumpster for white guys. She is their worthless little chink fucktoy.

She still excelled in school. She was the top student in her class, and she was about to graduate as a honor’s student. Even though her private sex life was a mess.

She became known as the asian cum dumpster. Every white guy could have her as long as he was white. And they all loved to fuck her in the ass, because, one, they never used condoms, and second, they said, this way they didn’t have to worry about getting her pregnant and having a half-white-half-chink baby. She had been pumped and dumped by so many white guys that she had lost count, and not only was she exhausted physically, she was even more devastated emotionally. She cried almost everyday. She cried whenever she was alone, and she even cried when she was with them, knowing that once they have gotten what they wanted from her, they would leave her. They would say she was too clingy and they liked girls who are more independent and they would dump her.

She realized that as an asian girl, she was never going to be good enough to become the girlfriend of one of those white guys.

For the next ten years, she had lived in solitude. She no longer dated. She had become dead inside. She felt nothing.

Yet to a white guy, she was nothing more than a worthless asian whore like millions of other asian girls that he could easily conquer. The more she thought about how worthless she is, the more she enjoyed being beaten and humiliated. She started to seek out sadistic white guys who treated her like a slave, someone who would beat her, fuck her and use her as a toilet, someone who did not hesitate to share her with his friends like the asian whore that she is, and it was only at this point that she has found peace within herself. She has realized that as an inferior asian girl, this is her natural role in the world. No matter how much education she has, no matter how much money she makes, in the presence of a white man, she would always remain as an inferior asian slave.

The ASIAN female is the epitome of female sensuality and femininity.

Let’s start by looking at her body. Her body is petite. Her tiny shape makes her presence more helpless, like a perfect Damsel in Distress. She is neotenous, as a result of her higher level of estrogen compared to females of other races. This gives her the appearance of health and fertility. She is then covered by her light skin. This light skin reminds us of her softness, a feature that developed due to being exposed to the colds of North East Asia, made to withstand such an extreme condition. It also has a psychological effect on the observer. The light skin reminds us of every male’s desire for companionship, warmth, and love that emerge from our primal sub-conscious past.

The ASIAN female’s demeanor is one of submissiveness. She is submissive, yet assertive, and can be explosively emotive. Her demeanor strikes envy into the more vapid, prudish races of women (white bitches).

The summit of expression of her femininity on her body is her pussy. The ASIAN pussy is tightest of all races. As the pussy is the penultimate symbol of womanhood, this alone would suffice to make the ASIAN female the most feminine of females. This tight ASIAN pussy is able to fulfill the desire of the neediest of men, being able to stimulate the phallus. Its strength insures that when he orgasms, the potent ASIAN contractions will immediately draw in the seed of the white man the ASIAN female copulates with.

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